April 2013 Book Recommendations

Each month I highlight several books that are among our family’s favorites. This month there are five books I’d like to share …

1. A Child’s Book of Prayers, compiled by Michael Hague:

This beautifully illustrated book for children ages 3-8 which highlights traditional prayers and poems. The art is spectacular! It is perfect prayer book for small children.

2. Thunder Cake, by Patricia Polacco:

Thunder Cake is a great springtime read aloud for the whole family or it is also good for independent readers ages 6-10. Patricia Polacco includes amazing illustrations of icons of our Lord in this book about how her Russian Babushka (Grandmother) helped her overcome her fear of thunderstorms when she was a little girl. In the book, Patricia and her Babushka have to make a cake before a looming thunderstorm hits their farm.

We have read this book on dark rainy spring days with all the lights off and only a flashlight to help us see. The kids loved it! At the end of the book the author has included the recipe for her Grandma’s Thunder Cake. After we read the book with the lights off we then made the Thunder Cake. It was great fun and I highly recommend making this cake with your children!

3. Karol from Poland, by M. Leonora Wilson:

This is a fantastic book for children ages 8-12 to read as we celebrate the upcoming birthday of Pope John Paul II on May 18th.

One year we read this book together and then made Pope John Paul II cookies. Here’s where you can find one idea for Pope cookies.

After we made our cookies we delivered them to our priests and parish office staff as a thank you for all their hard work. It was a fun way learn about Pope John Paul II and show our appreciation for our pastor and church staff.

4. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: Journey to the Summit (Encounter the Saints), by Ana Maria Vazquez and Jennings Dean:

My son, Patrick, has a new favorite hero- Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. He just finished reading this book about Blessed Pier Giorgio’s inspirational life. The book is for children ages 9-12 and is especially good for boys. Enjoy!

5. Mother Teresa: In My Own Words, compiled by Jose Luis Gonzalez-Balado:

This is a well organized book of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s wisdom for high schoolers and up. I think it is especially good for teenagers who are growing in their faith and need some inspiration.

Any suggestions of great books your family is reading this spring? Please post a reply below and share your thoughts!


  1. Thanks for keeping the ideas coming, Margaret. We’ll be reading Patricia Polacco during the next rainstorm and making thunder cake! I don’t know why we haven’t done that before as we’ve had the book for a long time. Glad to hear Patrick has discovered Blessed Pier Giorgio! We love, love, love him and have several books about him –so many great stories! Maybe next visit Johanna can take Patrick to her new school opening in the fall, Frassati Catholic!!!

    • Margaret Bereit says:

      That is great Beverly! I know Patrick would love to see her new school- Frassati Catholic! Enjoy the thunder cake!

  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying having a blog and other people get to benefit from your ideas!

  3. Margaret,
    Thanks for the great ideas…hadn’t heard of a few of these so we will be checking them out! I love Blessed Pier’s story as well…so easy to relate to him! I’m so glad you are getting these ideas out to the masses instead of just sharing them with a select few! Great job! Beth

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