Awesome Advent


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I just received a note from a friend who said that a document I e-mailed last year was helping her family’s Advent preparations this year.

As we approach the beginning of the Advent season, I thought I would post that resource here on Growing Saints:

Advent Ideas & Resources

This PDF document is a list of ideas and books (along with links directly to the referenced resources) that can help your family celebrate this beautiful liturgical season at home.

How blessed we are to be part of the Catholic Church, which is rooted in scripture and rich in tradition! Enjoy this time of year as we — and the little saints we are entrusted with growing — prepare for the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus.


  1. Hi Margaret! Just wanted to link to the beautiful Advent calendar of Westminster Cathedral that you showed us last night:

    Also wanted to mention that these nuns have a beautiful Advent CD:

    Thanks again for sharing all your awesome Advent ideas!!

  2. Danya Ivory says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful ideas and titles. My children loved reading the Christmas Mystery together when they were ages 10-12. It was wonderful to look forward to that time together every night. I appreciate the time you took in sharing all of this information!

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