Lincoln’s Log Cabin

Celebrating Abraham Lincoln's birthdayMy favorite President is Abraham Lincoln. Every time we visit the Lincoln Memorial I break down in tears. Lincoln was everything a President should be! He was humble, courageous, compassionate, and a strong moral leader.

We love celebrating  his birthday. Since he was born in a log cabin, on Feb. 12, 1809 in Kentucky, we make Lincoln log cabins out of pretzels and cake frosting.

We save pint sized (or half-pint sized) milk cartons for the foundation of our log cabins. Next we get small stick pretzels and cake frosting. The children love to smear the cake frosting onto the cartons. They then apply the pretzels to the frosting, making sure to completely cover the carton in both frosting and pretzels.

The picture is of Patrick and his friend, Jack, making their log cabins.When they Making Lincoln Log Cabinsare done it looks like a log cabin! We call them our Lincoln log cabins. We learn about Lincoln as they are making their log cabins.

Sometimes I will read a book about this amazing man to them as they are creating their log cabins.

One of our favorite books about Lincoln is called: Abraham Lincoln by Ingri and Edgar Parin d’Aulaire.

We also love: Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books.

For older children, a good book is: Lincoln: A Photobiography.

A book about Lincoln for adults that David and I really enjoyed is: Abraham Lincoln: The Man and His Faith.

Another idea for children third grade and up is to memorize the Gettysburg Address. I highly recommend this book: The Gettysburg Address.

A favorite Jim Weiss audio CD is: Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America.

Enjoy celebrating this amazing man’s birthday and let us pray for our country and our leaders!


  1. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas, Margaret!!

  2. Margaret,
    Great, fun information as usual! If people are close and are able a trip to Gettysburg is definitely worthwhile! Our family went last summer and all enjoyed it and we all learned a lot as well! Thanks again for the wonderful post!

  3. Saw your link on Kristen’s blog- glad to have found it!

  4. I found your site through Ginny’s blog. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.

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