Praying the Stations of the Cross … at home!

Each Friday during Lent, many Catholic churches invite the faithful to attend the Stations of the Cross – to pray through 14 key events on the day of Christ's crucifixion as a way to "walk with our Lord" on his way to Golgotha. This beautiful … [Continue reading]

Crown of Thorns

Lent is upon us. During this solemn six-week observance which begins on Ash Wednesday (this year, February 13) we prepare ourselves for Holy Week, and remember Christ's sacrifice on the cross — and His resurrection — to save us from our … [Continue reading]

Valentines Galore!

We love St. Valentine's Day, and I wanted to share two ideas to celebrate this fun day. 1. I borrowed this first idea from my friend Sonia. She calls it a HEART ATTACK! You can do this with your family or you can do this with a group of children. … [Continue reading]

Lincoln’s Log Cabin

My favorite President is Abraham Lincoln. Every time we visit the Lincoln Memorial I break down in tears. Lincoln was everything a President should be! He was humble, courageous, compassionate, and a strong moral leader. We love celebrating  his … [Continue reading]

Let the St. Thomas Sun Shine

The feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas is on January 28th. He is one of my favorite saints! There are some very easy ways to celebrate this great saint. The sun is a symbol for St. Thomas, so we did our activities with this in mind. Pope Pius XI … [Continue reading]